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Longevity Effect WHY WE EXIST

Longevity Effect is an escape from everyday stress and pursues total wellness through healing services for the mind and body. Our Philosophy is that a focus on general health and wellness today will help reduce long-term health issues and associated costs. To accomplish this, we have collaborated with a team of healthcare professionals to ensure that you attain you full health potential.

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Frequently asked questions

You do not! Anybody is welcome to come in and use any of the services we offer without prior medical release or a consultation. If you are wanting to utilize our wellness modalities to alleviate any chronic pain or manage an illness, we invite you to set up a consultation so we can help you develop a long-term treatment plan.

Magnesium is incredibly important to health and well-being, and almost everyone is deficient in this mineral that is vital in over 300 enzymatic functions. Adequate levels of magnesium are correlated with lower incidences of coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure, better quality of sleep, cholesterol improvement and lower stress levels. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties offer tremendous relief to those suffering from chronic muscular, skeletal or joint pain. Supplementation through the skin while floating is the best way to absorb magnesium due to the large amount of magnesium sulfate dissolved in the water.

The sensory deprivation tank removes external stimuli and allows the nervous system to slow down and transition from the ‘Fight or Flight’ response to ‘Rest and Relax’; ultimately allowing the left hemisphere of brain to relax and the right hemisphere to take over. The right brain facilitates creativity, big-picture thinking and problem solving.

*Women who just started or currently on their cycle need to wait to experience floatation therapy.
*Anyone who has recently colored their hair needs to wait a good week to ensure color does not bleed into the float tanks.
*Anyone with an open cut or wound that requires bandaging needs to be healed before floating.

Many clients ask this. The answer is, everyone is different. Many times one float, or magnesphere etc. is enough to create relaxation and calm that lasts for days. All of our therapies work well stacked on top of each other to help those with more chronic issues. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish we can recommend a number of therapies and frequency at which to get the best results. Whether you are recovering from brain trauma, migraines, sleep dysfunction, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, or just looking to function at your best we at Longevity Effect got you covered!!

Absolutely nothing! We provide you with everything you need for all the services we offer. Floatation is the only service that requires you to shower afterwards. We invite you to bring whatever you need to put yourself back together afterwards (i.e., hair dryer, make up, hair brush, comb, etc.).